Monday, January 12, 2009

smpx 29: lime coconut

Went to Braum's on Sunday morning, where my sole purchase was one lime (25 cents). The checkout guy laughed at me.

For this week's batch, we added the toasted coconut left over from SMPX 9 to the mix. I zested the lime and squeezed its juice into the batter as well. (I bet you didn't even know I had a zester, huh mom? I am all over the zesting.)

I don't think we've had anything green in our pancakes yet, so that was fun. Other than that, they were just okay. Not really anything special or particularly good.

We give SMPX 29: lime coconut pancakes 2/5 stars. Next week: plum. Do they even have plums at the grocery store this time of year?


Grey Street Girl said...

Yum! I really miss Braum's!

Well, if they don't have plums, you can always get prunes. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

This doesn't tempt me for some reason. I was very surprised by the fact that you had a zester!