Monday, January 5, 2009

smpx 2008: Year in Review

We voted on our favorite pancakes of 2008 and the winner is...

lemon ricotta!

We both agreed that it was the best. Second favorite is carrot cake, and the runners up are:

coffee cake
toasted coconut
nut & honey

Lots of great ideas for 2009. Stay tuned!


Grey Street Girl said...

Carrot cake! You're combining two of my favorite foods! It's got to be spectacular! All these sound really good.

By the way, I told elsieskipping that she needs to do a Sunday ice cream blog now that she has the new machine. You could team up with me to twist her arm. ;)

librarygirl said...

sunday ice cream! let the peer pressure begin.

Anonymous said...

We have no idea where we are going to put The Machine. It is so HUGE! I like the idea of an ice cream blog though. I'll see what I can do.