Wednesday, January 28, 2009

smpx 31: breakfast sandwiches

I got a one-egg pan for Christmas and have been itching to use it to make breakfast sandwiches. So this past weekend we used the blue corn mix to make mini pancakes. We stacked egg, cheese, and vegetarian sausage patties in between the pancakes and ta da!
The pancakes were a little too crumbly for breakfast sandwiches, so the finished product was messy. But it tasted really good.
We give blue corn pancake breakfast sandwiches 4/5 stars.

Monday, January 19, 2009

smpx 30: confetti

Okay, so plums are totally not in season.

Instead we made Fruity Pebble pancakes. Just poured a bunch into the batter and mixed it up. The resulting pancakes kind of reminded us of that confetti cake mix. The pebbles disintegrated and we got a vaguely fruity, colorful pancake. I wrapped mine up and ate it straight, and my husband put blueberry syrup on his.

We give confetti pancakes 3/5 stars.

Monday, January 12, 2009

smpx 29: lime coconut

Went to Braum's on Sunday morning, where my sole purchase was one lime (25 cents). The checkout guy laughed at me.

For this week's batch, we added the toasted coconut left over from SMPX 9 to the mix. I zested the lime and squeezed its juice into the batter as well. (I bet you didn't even know I had a zester, huh mom? I am all over the zesting.)

I don't think we've had anything green in our pancakes yet, so that was fun. Other than that, they were just okay. Not really anything special or particularly good.

We give SMPX 29: lime coconut pancakes 2/5 stars. Next week: plum. Do they even have plums at the grocery store this time of year?

Monday, January 5, 2009

smpx 2008: Year in Review

We voted on our favorite pancakes of 2008 and the winner is...

lemon ricotta!

We both agreed that it was the best. Second favorite is carrot cake, and the runners up are:

coffee cake
toasted coconut
nut & honey

Lots of great ideas for 2009. Stay tuned!

smpx 28: maple oat with brown sugar

We just kind of threw this week's SMPX together. Used the whole wheat mix and added quick oats, maple syrup, and some brown sugar. Then I sprinkled brown sugar on the pancakes while they were cooking, and some oats on the finished product.

They were chewy and sweet. I love the whole grain mix.

*** 1/2
We give maple oat with brown sugar pancakes 3.5/5 stars. Next week: lime coconut.