Monday, October 6, 2008

smpx 16: want s'more?

My husband came up with the idea for this one. He crushed graham crackers in a plastic bag and then we mixed them into the batter. We dropped mini-marshmallows and chocolate chips onto the pancakes while they were cooking. The marshmallows melted and left pockets in the finished pancakes when they oozed all over the griddle, so the result was pretty gooey and messy.

They tasted like smores, though! To get the flavors right, I would say add twice as many marshmallows as you think you need, and half as many chocolate chips.

We give s'mores pancakes three stars. Next week: carrot cake pancakes?

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elsieskipping said...

Wow. What a great camping trip pancake. You could chop up the chocolate bars into small bits and maybe clip the large marshmallows into smaller mallows with scissors. No need for syrup!