Sunday, December 21, 2008

smpx 26: eggnog

Continuing the holiday festivities, we had eggnog pancakes this morning. Used eggnog instead of milk in the batter, and stirred in some nutmeg and cinnamon. These were good, but pretty heavy and rich. You could definitely taste the eggnog.

I'm getting kind of embarrassed by my camera phone snaps of our breakfast. I need a professional plater.

We give eggnog pancakes 4/5 stars. Next week: something exciting from Portland, Maine.


elsieskipping said...

I like the eggnog in the background with the happy snowman. These pancakes sound awesome. When you get back from Boston/Maine you are going to have to come over for SMPX at our house for Swedish Pancakes.

librarygirl said...


Joyful Mom of 8 said...

These sound like fun to try! So do the candy cane ones. Yummy!

CGNarnia said...

Wow!!! They sound great! I love eggnog.