Sunday, November 23, 2008

smpx 22: batter blaster

We are back from our camping trip, and as the picture shows we made campfire Batter Blaster pancakes. They were surprisingly good! Super easy to make, as the video in the previous post illustrates. Just spray, cook, and flip.

They would have been even better if we had remembered butter or some kind of non-stick spray. As it was, they stuck to the pan and we had panlumps instead of pancakes. But they tasted good and were hot and filling, which is what we needed on that cold, cold (like seriously it was 35 degrees) morning on an Arkansas campground.

We give Batter Blaster panckes 3/5 stars.
Next week: one of the pancake mixes we picked up at a grist mill gift store


elwood said...

And? How did they taste????? It looks like you are about to explode the can over that fire.

Lindsay said...

I've always wanted to try that stuff!!! I love food that comes out of air cans.

librarygirl said...

i think we should invest in more food from cans for SMPX. CHEEZ WHIZ pancakes!