Sunday, August 31, 2008

smpx 11: ethereal cloud cakes

Used another actual cookbook recipe, this time from A Real American Breakfast: The Best Meal of the Day, Any Time of the Day by Cheryl Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison.

These pancakes were extra light and fluffy, thanks to the special ingredients:. ricotta cheese and sour cream. We both thought they were good, but weren't especially blown away.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

smpx 10: pear

We wanted to keep things simple this week, mostly because last week's SMPX was so complicated. So we used the whole wheat buttermilk mix and added some diced pears to the batter for SMPX 10: pear pancakes.

Easy, quick, and tasty. Overall, a good way to celebrate our week 10 milestone. Next week: something weirder.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

smpx9: toasted coconut pancakes

This was the most intense SMPX yet. We used a recipe from The Cafe Pongo Cookbook and made toasted coconut pancakes with pineapple ginger compote. We used fresh pineapple and fresh ginger (this was the first time I've ever bought ginger root and grated it myself). I burned the first batch of "toasted" coconut, but luckily we had enough to try again.

Making the actual pancakes was easy. The pineapple compote was a lot of work. I don't even really know what compote is. But it tasted good.

Friday, August 15, 2008

smpx8: lemon ricotta

I zested a lemon and added 1/4 c. ricotta (and reduced the milk called for in the mix recipe to compensate). They turned out to be fluffy, light, and perfectly lemony and cheesy. If the rules of SMPX didn't call for a different recipe every week, I would make these again next Sunday. And every Sunday after that until the end of time.

Inspired by a recipe in It's All American Food by David Rosengarten.

We give lemon ricotta pancakes 5/5 stars.

smpx7: apple

whole wheat batter mix
1/4 c. applesauce
sliced apples on plate

I used more applesauce instead of maple syrup and loved it. I want to make these again.

smpx6: granola

These are my favorite so far! Super simple-- just used whole wheat batter mix and sprinkled in some granola.

smpx5: the great pumpkin

Now we're starting to get complicated! Added about 1/4 c. canned pumpkin, cinnamon, and ground ginger to the batter.

smpx4: gingerbread

SMPX1-3 were solely experiments with fruit additions to a standard batter, so I was nervous going into SMPX4. It was more additional ingredients than we had ever used before: ground cloves, ginger, cinnamon, molasses, and a little brown sugar.

Thankfully, a success! Yum.

smpx3: bananarama

Just mashed up a banana in the batter and added some sliced banana to our plates.

smpx2: blueberry

Made with farmer's market blueberries. This was a prerequisite; there's no way we could do SMPX without making blueberry pancakes. Tasty, but safe. We're looking forward to the weird stuff.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the original smpx: blackberry panckes

It started with a trip to a local pick-your-own blackberry farm. With cartons and cartons of blackberries in our fridge, we were trying to come up with creative ways to eat the berries at every meal. Blackberry pancakes seemed a great idea. Little did we know we were starting a tradition.

I'm no great master of cooking, so most recipes are pancake mix + special ingredient. When the ingredients get complicated the execution is sloppy and full of guesswork. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the original Sunday Morning Pancake Experiment (SMPX).

The Recipe
Bisquick Heart Healthy Pancake Mix
added 1/2 c fresh blackberries